Action Point (AP)

Your fighter's number of Action Points determines his capacity to act. Executing an attack, casting a spell are actions that cost you Action Points. For instance, attacking with a weapon costs in general 5 APs. When your AP number reaches zero, your character can no longer act. Set to 6 APs for all fighters, this number can either be increased or reduced with spells and/or equipments.

Each element corresponds to a characteristic. Spells and certain equipments are influenced by elements. Therefore, it enables you to increase the damage caused, the cares or the dodging capacity...

  • Earth is for Strength
  • Water is for Chance
  • Air is for Agility
  • Fire is for Intelligence
  • Vitality: It sets the number of your character’s HPs.
  • Wisdom: It enables you to gain experience easily, evade AP and MP losses. It also increases chances to make your enemies lose APs or MPs and increases the power of damage rebound spells (like the Xelor's Spell "Counter").

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